perc vs organic dry cleaningAmericans are increasingly choosing to consume organic products in their daily lives. These products are usually healthier and without chemicals. As a result, they often come with a higher price tag. This is a trade-off people face every day at the grocery store. Sometimes it makes sense to pay extra for the organic product. Sometimes it isn’t worth the extra price. The great thing is that consumers have a choice.

While most people consciously choose between organic foods and medicines, there are other products that are consumed daily that may be overlooked. In particular, people may not realize that nearly half of dry cleaners use environmentally friendly cleaning methods. The other half may be charging less, but at a cost to the clothes and the environment. Instead of organic materials, they use Perc, a powerful chemical that has long been used in dry cleaning.

Like the trade-off at the grocery store, there are pros and cons to using Perc vs. environmental friendly cleaning materials. Perc costs the cleaner-less which usually means a lower cost for the consumer. Perc is also very powerful and gets most stains out in one cleaning.

The environmental friendly cleaners may have to charge more because it takes longer to clean the clothes without the use of chemicals. However, the clothes tend to last longer and maintain their brightness better than the clothes that have been treated with Perc. Perc, like most chemicals, also pollutes the environment.

The bottom line is that if you care about taking care of your clothes as you care about taking care of your body, it is better for your clothes to use an organic dry cleaner. However, it will likely come at a cost compared to traditional cleaners.

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